The Power of Yes by Beverly Beckham: Boston Globe

From left: Cheryl Jost, Marybeth Curtis Kelly, Sheila Fahey, Ann Kenneally Ryan, and Maryjo Welch rehearse for “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Very Far from the Tree.”

Saying ‘yes’ has made all the difference

By Beverly Beckham JUNE 04, 2015

Apparently I was saying “no” too much. “No, thank you.” “No, not today.” “No, I’m sorry. I can’t.” Which is why my daughter Julie began talking to me about the power of yes.

Saying “yes,” she explained with a se- rious expression and her hand on my shoulder, had led her to people, places, and experiences she might not have had if she had let distance, weather, and an “It’s too late and I’m too tired” mindset keep her in her comfort zone.

Saying “yes,” she said, had broadened her world.

Which is why I said “yes” last Novem- ber when a friend called and asked, “Do you want to be part of a flash mob at the Quincy Christmas Parade?

“No” was all set to cartwheel off my tongue, “No, I have shopping to do.” “No, it’s too cold.” “No, I don’t even like parades.”

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