Global Voices Tours

Our international tours are designed to expand cultural, historical and geographic knowledge. Each tour provides an opportunity for singers to perform at the highest level and work with other skilled conductors and ensembles. Our residencies range from 5 - 21 days and include collaborative and solo concerts, community service activities, leadership training, and sightseeing. 

In preparation for each residency, our choirs spend 2 years learning about the music, history and culture of the destination country.

Alumni have incredible memories of their tours and have gone on to participate in internships and attend colleges across the world.

While we planned an Ecuador Goodwill Tour for 2021 for the Tour Choir, the worldwide pandemic forced us to put that on hold. Here is a roster of past and upcoming tours (subject to change):

  • 2025 South Africa
  • 2023 Ireland
  • 2019 Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • 2019  Puerto Rico (Cantare)
  • 2017 South Africa
  • 2016 Denver – “Sing A Mile High International Children’s Choral Festival” (Cantare)
  • 2015 Costa Rica
  • 2014 Boston, MA - American Guild of Organists National Convention
  • 2013 International Goodwill Tour – South America
  • 2012 Washington, DC – Serenade! Choral Festival
  • 2011 Western Cape, South Africa
  • 2010 Toronto, Maine 
  • 2009 St. John’s, Newfoundland – Festival 500
  • 2008 Philadelphia and New York City
  • 2007 New Zealand and Australia
  • 2006 Denver – Mile-High Choral Festival
  • 2005 Ontario, Canada – Niagara Choral Festival
  • 2004 Vermont

In the summer of 2019, 38 Tour Choir members embarked on a 3-week tour to the Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia after a brief visit to Vienna. While on this journey the choir was a headline attraction at the Croatian International Choir Festival. Sixteen additional formal and informal performances followed. The singers spent time at a Moravian folk festival, performed on Croatian national television, took dance lessons from local experts, hiked the Plitvice Lakes region (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and spent a memorable day in Mostar.