Key Elements of the Kodály Concept

We are proud to use The Kodály Concept as a way of teaching musical concepts, beginning with our very youngest children. This method uses a developmental approach to sequence. We incorporate rhythm and solfege syllables and the use of movement, inspired by the work of Swiss music educator Emilie Jacques Dalcroze. Zoltán Kodály adapted these elements from existing methods, creating a robust and relevant system of teaching.

Key points of The Kodály Concept:

  • Everyone has the right to learn music literacy and it is meant to be enjoyed!
  • Singing can and should provide the foundation for all types of music.
  • Music education should begin at the earliest age possible.
  • Folk songs provide ideal material for music training.

The movable do system is a fundamental element of the Kodály method. During sight-singing, scale degrees are sung using syllable names: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti. (The syllables show position within the key and the relationship between pitches, not absolute pitch.)

Source: https://hungarytoday.hu/kodaly-concept-worldwide-hungarian-method-education-music-36101/