Mission, Vision, Goals



Since 1995, Boston City Singers’ mission has been to provide the highest level of creative youth development opportunities to underserved young people, ages 4 - 18, in the very communities in which they live. Our programs inspire personal journeys, bridge opportunity gaps, celebrate diversity, and foster goodwill. Our strengths lie in an unwavering commitment to social justice and acceptance of differences across socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and gender preference. 

We are proud of our values: 

  • diversity, inclusion, and respect
  • innovation and possibility
  • responsibility for our communities.


Boston City Singers provides comprehensive music instruction to over 500 young people annually. Weekly rehearsals are designed to provide our members not only with music instruction but with outstanding performance opportunities, youth development, cultural exploration, leadership training and community service. Singers, grouped by age and level, develop progressive mastery of skills with children from backgrounds different than their own, engaging hearts and minds during the critical after-school hours. Through ongoing mentor relationships with older youth and teachers who share common interests, singers are connected to a strong and supportive community in which teamwork plays an important role.



Young singers learn and perform a dynamic, distinctive and challenging repertoire, supporting the region’s rich artistic diversity in a variety of settings for diverse audiences. We also develop new repertoire, and commission, perform and publish music of distinction. Through outstanding music education and vocal instruction, excellence in performance, and serving the community through song, members experience the joy of singing, teamwork and leadership, musical skills and artistic expression - skills that last a lifetime!

Boston City Singers performs music from many ages and cultures, while learning concepts (melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, style, and performance practice) and skills (theory, sight-reading and vocal technique).

How we’re unique

  • The number of underserved young people in our programs who live in the urban neighborhoods of Greater Boston\
  • Our strategic and accessible locations in areas where arts education is lacking.
  • Our low organizational overhead. We don’t maintain an office, preferring to use our funding in direct support of the children we serve.
  • Our emphasis on youth development, with programs such as Peer Leaders, Teen Mentors, Global Voices, and Sing for Good.
  • 100% of our graduates are accepted to four-year colleges, and 96% graduate "on time."
“A huge thanks to Jane Money and Boston City Singers for providing such a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and an environment for our students to grow and thrive. It has been a joy to observe our students in action and to get to know Boston City Singers a bit more personally this year. What a positive environment! While choral singing over the computer is less than ideal, it's been amazing to see what you have been able to accomplish during this time. We look forward to staying in touch and continuing our connection next year! And hopefully we will be able to be back together in person.”
“My daughter received this scholarship from the city and is happily attending BU in the fall! So much of her poise and work ethic is owed to Boston City Singers and you all.”
"Yesterday’s concert was an incredible mix of high-level orchestration, professionalism, inspiration, and beauty- Brava, Bravo! I loved seeing the progression and witnessing live how Boston City Singers builds singers through the performances of the youngest singers (Kodaly) right up to the Tour Choir and the World Rhythm Ensemble. I was moved to tears by the testimonials by your graduating seniors and a number of pieces, most especially, Danny Boy. Your graduates spoke eloquently and with poise, humor and obvious gratitude about the difference being part of Boston City Singers has made in their lives. Capping it all off, the Tour Choir's evident joy in singing and dancing together was infectious. Thank you for all you do."
– M. Thomas, Training Chorus parent

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