Opera Collaboration Impact Statement

Boston City Singers performs Dead Man Walking in association with Boston Opera Collaborative

Thirteen singers from four Boston City Singers divisions were cast in composer and pianist Jake Heggie’s highly acclaimed opera Dead Man Walking, staged in March at the Somerville Theatre by the Boston Opera Collaborative.

The opera tells the tragic, emotional and spiritual story of a convicted murderer on Death Row and the nun who befriends him as she attempts to gain a stay of execution.

Boston Opera Collaborative and Boston City Singers both enjoyed the successful and rewarding collaboration. “Boston City Singers exceeded my expectations with their incredible musicianship, work ethic, and enthusiasm,” said Michael Sakir, Boston Opera Collaborative’s Music Director for the production. “Their immense contribution cannot be emphasized enough.”

Being a part of Boston Opera Collaborative’s opera allowed the young singers to grow musically, emotionally, and intellectually. They worked with inspiring opera singers, spoke with the composer, and also met Sister Helen Prejean, the author of the book Dead Man Walking that inspired both the movie and opera. Wendy Silverberg, Boston City Singers’ Director of Early Childhood Music and Director of the Cambridge Children’s Chorus, commented that the performance was a great development opportunity for the singers: “They started this experience with the opera as starry-eyed children and ended as true performers and members of the cast.”

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