More Than a Choir: Our commitment to social justice & youth development

Our central mission here at Boston City Singers is to provide quality music education in after-school classes and rehearsals for children of diverse backgrounds. We try to foster teamwork, self-discipline, accomplishment and pride while filling an important cultural need in the Boston metropolitan community. Boston City Singers shares these developing talents throughout the year in performances throughout the city. Studies have shown that children and young people who have choral training gain a well-rounded set of skills that equip them to tackle life’s challenges: music education improves cognitive performance in school in preparation for the demands of college; successful teamwork and various performance opportunities boost a singer’s self-control and self-confidence to assist them in coping with the ups and downs of everyday life; and rehearsals and classes provide discipline that helps students manage their time wisely and balance their extracurricular activities with their school and family responsibilities.

Five key initiatives drive every aspect of Boston City Singers’ programming, decisions, and goals to ensure that all our members receive the benefits of rigorous training outlined above. These initiatives are the organization’s guiding principles, and serve to define the impact Boston City Singers aims to achieve, from the local community to the global stage. Together, these initiatives explain why we are “more than just a choir.”

  1. Sing for Good: Sharing the gift of music to support our community and motivate change 
  2. Teen Mentors and Peer Leaders: Inspiring the next generation of leaders 
  3. Chorus to College: Upholding high standards of academic achievement 
  4. On Stage: Developing personal skills through performance and collaboration 
  5. Global Voices: Encouraging cultural ambassadors for peace, harmony, and cooperation