More good news!

In anticipation of our 44-voice Tour Choir’s 3-week residency in South Africa in 2017, we are focusing on extensive peer leadership training as part of our youth development programs. 

To assist in funding these efforts, we submitted a proposal to Hostelling USA for support. This all-inclusive award allows for 17 Boston City Singers’ teenaged peer​ leaders and three staff members to spend two nights in Hyannis in late September. They will also participate in a community service project in the area. 

Congratulations! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve selected Boston City Singers as one of this year’s recipients of HI USA’s 2016 YOUTH Travel Scholarship program.  After going through a competitive pool of organizational candidates, we found that Boston City Singers stood out with your focus on youth empowerment and making the most out of your experience.  We feel that your youth are deserving of this award, and are confident that the experiences they have on Hyannis will be extremely impacting.

​Once again, the continued support of​ our generous donors, foundations, state and city arts council and government leaders, Board of Director and ​Advisory ​Council members​, families and our incredible singers makes this kind of support possible​!

H​ostelling International

 USA’s 2016 YOUTH Travel Scholarship

​The Scholarship ​Program enables youth from underserved communities to experience another community and place far different from their own.  In all locations, groups can take advantage of the rich history, environment, and cultural activities that Hyannis ​has to offer. HI USA donates the overnights at participating hostels, subsidizes additional travel costs, and partners with local environmental and educational organizations in the Cape Cod area to provide affordable programming to selected groups.​