On Monday April 15th, two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, one of our City’s most treasured and family-friendly events. Three were killed on site, hundreds were injured. Beyond those directly impacted were thousands of interwoven communities to which these folk belonged, including ours.

Eight-year-old Martin Richard lost his life. His sister Janey, a member of our Dorchester Kodaly Singing Class program, lost a leg, and their mother faces a long and difficult recovery.

Formulating Boston City Singers’ response to these events was extremely challenging. All levels of our organization were deeply affected. After several days of thoughtful conversation, we developed a two-level approach:

1. Make preparations to support our families and their singers.

2. Plan a community concert to celebrate our neighborhood and support the beginning of the healing process.

Our Children Sing for Peace concert was held in the evening of Saturday, April 28th at St. Mark’s Church in the heart of Dorchester. Hundreds of our neighbors came as did local an national media who covered our story with great skill and sensitivity. Guest musician Nick Page invited us all to “let the light in.”

Boston City Singers’ choruses were joined by the junior choristers of St. Paul’s, Cambridge and the Choir of Men and Boys at All Saints, Ashmont.

Over $4,000 was raised for the Richard Family Fund and One Fund Boston.

Our Tour Choir, Cantare and World Rhythm Ensemble participated in a second event on Sunday, April 29th at Trinity Church, Copley Square. The collaborative concert raised over $5,000 for One Fund Boston and Louis Brown Peace Institute.

Read about the impact of the event here.