Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Year Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Dorchester, MA

Founding Artistic Director: Jane Money

Class and Chorus Members: Boston City Singers has 500 young people ages 4-18 in its programs.

Staff Members: 3 full-time and 15 part-time

Board Members: 13

Classes/Rehearsals: Boston City Singers follows the Boston Public School Calendar — September–May each year with classes and rehearsals in multiple locations in Dorchester as well as sites in Jamaica Plain, North Cambridge and Weymouth.

Auditions: Auditions are not required for boys and girls for the Kodály Singing Classes. Auditions are required for Training and Concert Chorus programs. Call 617.825.0674, or click here for more information.

Volunteers: Over 100 generous volunteers from students' families and arts advocates.

Performance and Cultural Immersion Tours: Members of the Concert Chorus tour from 1 to 4 weeks each summer, alternating between domestic and international locales.

Affiliations: Boston City Singers is not affiliated with any religious organization.

Non-Profit Status: Boston City Singers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States’ IRS.

"Yesterday’s concert was an incredible mix of high-level orchestration, professionalism, inspiration, and beauty- Brava, Bravo! 


I loved seeing the progression and witnessing live how Boston City Singers builds singers through the performances of the youngest singers (Kodaly) right up to the Tour Choir and the impressive BCS Fellas and World Rhythm Ensemble. I was moved to tears by the testimonials by your graduating seniors and a number of pieces, most especially, the Fellas' Danny Boy. Your 2015 graduates spoke eloquently and with poise, humor and obvious gratitude about the difference being part of Boston City Singers has made in their lives. Capping it all off, the Tour Choir's evident joy in singing and dancing together was infectious. Thank you for all you do."

– M. Thomas, training chorus parent, 6/1/2015


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