2015 Goodwill Tour Location Announced!


The acclaimed Dorchester-based Boston City Singers Tour Choir — over 40 young singers ages 11-18 — will embark on a two-week Goodwill Tour to Costa Rica in August, 2015.


The Tour Choir will explore Costa Rica’s musical traditions as well as its unique history and ecology. They will visit rain forests, beaches, coffee plantations, dormant volcanoes and historic towns, including San Jose, Sarapiquí, Arenel, Monteverde and Punta Leona. They will perform in churches, small towns and schools, and undertake a community service project.


Boston City Singers is committed to developing cultural ambassadors for peace, harmony, and cooperation by embarking on a Goodwill Tour biannually. Under the direction of Artistic Director Jane E. Money, all members have been given the opportunity to attend regardless of their family’s financial circumstance.


Win FREE tuition!

Win FREE tuition!

We’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary this season! We want to celebrate it with the people who have made these past 20 years so special: you!

We are awarding 20 scholarships for free tuition to any of our programs to 20 deserving young people this year.

How can you apply? Show us why you love to sing and why you want to sing with Boston City Singers! If you’re between ages 4-6, draw a picture! If you’re 7-12, write a poem, song, or short letter to a friend. If you’re 13-18, write a short essay (1-2 pages). Old and new singers are welcome to apply! Submissions will be accepted until the end of September.

To apply, email or send mail to Jane Money, 17 Waldeck St., Dorchester, MA 02124.

2014 Graduate earns full scholarship to Berklee!

2014 Graduate earns full scholarship to Berklee!

This summer, we started a series on our Facebook called Friday Introductions: it’s an opportunity for us to share a little bit more about the people who make this organization so special! We’re continuing this series in a longer form on this blog page.

This Friday, we’re thrilled to honor recent graduate Daniel Hines for this series!

Daniel has been awarded a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music. In addition to singing with Boston City Singers for 8 years, Daniel was one of 47 students to study through the no-cost Berklee City Music program, where he studied piano. He is one of 18 musicians from Boston neighborhoods to be awarded a full scholarship to Berklee. He will be studying Contemporary Music Writing/Production this fall.

Congratulations, Daniel! We’re so proud of you, and all our graduates! Here’s hoping you all had a great transition to college classes.

Facebook tells our story — follow us!

Facebook tells our story — follow us!

Are you following us on Facebook? We would love to connect with you there! As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we’ll be sharing stories from Boston City Singers of old, #throwbackthursday photos you won’t want to miss, and interviews and thoughts from the people who have been with us from the very beginning.

We also post updates to classes and rehearsals there in case of inclement weather, as well as concert announcements and weekly rehearsal photos so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do.

If you are more of a Twitter person, we have you covered! Follow us on Twitter for news, photos, and announcements every day.

And last but not least, tell your friends! We try to make our programs as accessible as possible. If you know a young person who loves to sing but isn’t sure how to join a choir, point him or her in our direction. We’d love to chat.

More Than a Choir: Our commitment to social justice & youth development

More Than a Choir: Our commitment to social justice & youth development

Our central mission here at Boston City Singers is to provide quality music education in after-school classes and rehearsals for children of diverse backgrounds. We try to foster teamwork, self-discipline, accomplishment and pride while filling an important cultural need in the Boston metropolitan community. Boston City Singers shares these developing talents throughout the year in performances throughout the city. Studies have shown that children and young people who have choral training gain a well-rounded set of skills that equip them to tackle life’s challenges: music education improves cognitive performance in school in preparation for the demands of college; successful teamwork and various performance opportunities boost a singer’s self-control and self-confidence to assist them in coping with the ups and downs of everyday life; and rehearsals and classes provide discipline that helps students manage their time wisely and balance their extracurricular activities with their school and family responsibilities.

Five key initiatives drive every aspect of Boston City Singers’ programming, decisions, and goals to ensure that all our members receive the benefits of rigorous training outlined above. These initiatives are the organization’s guiding principles, and serve to define the impact Boston City Singers aims to achieve, from the local community to the global stage. Together, these initiatives explain why we are “more than just a choir.”

  1. Sing for Good: Sharing the gift of music to support our community and motivate change


  2. Teen Mentors and Peer Leaders: Inspiring the next generation of leaders


  3. Chorus to College: Upholding high standards of academic achievement


  4. On Stage: Developing personal skills through performance and collaboration


  5. Global Voices: Encouraging cultural ambassadors for peace, harmony, and cooperation


New Zealand Youth Choir in Concert with Boston City Singers for a Cambridge performance

Boston City Singers will perform in a joint concert with the esteemed New Zealand Youth Choir on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 7:30pm at First Church in Cambridge located at 11 Garden Street, a short walk from Harvard Square. Read more about the performance here.  

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